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2018 Adventure Multimedia Gear

Here's the gear I'm using to create all of my content and go on my adventures, with a bit of a review for each piece. I will create individual gear reviews if people show an interest!

**Disclaimer: As an Amazon Associate, if you purchase through my links, I earn a small percentage, which goes towards creating and sharing content! However, I do still personally use all of this equipment and happily recommend it!**

Camera Bodies:

Sony A7Rii

My main stills & video body, I use this for gorgeous 4k footage and massive 8k time lapses. I swear I giggle excitedly almost every time I view the crisp 4k footage on my 65" 4k LG television. Working with such massive still images provides excellent wiggle room to crop in on an image - especially when I can create 2 sometimes 3 different time lapses pulling from different sections of the frame and still have enough quality to work with! Having switched from Canon DSLRs I am amazed at how small this mirrorless A7r is, your back & shoulders will thank you!

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GoPro Hero5 Black

The GoPro has been in my arsenal since 2007, I absolutely love Hero5. From the first moment I turned it on I knew it was going to be the easiest to use and have the most gorgeous 4k footage in a tiny waterproof body.

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DJI Mavic Pro drone

Absolutely love the Mavic Pro, it's the size of good burrito, and fits in my cargo pocket. I can be road tripping and stop for 10 mins and get epic 4k footage. Done. These days drones can sell themselves. Real talk though, I feel like adding a drone to my equipment locker was one of the most life & career boosting moves I could make as a young videographer. Being able to suddenly capture aerial images that were literally out of reach before and then to hone artist aerial cinematography to take it to the next level...WOO!

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Canon 16-35mm F2.8L USM

I've been a wide angle fanboy since Day 1, and the 16-35mm is attached to my camera about 90% of the time, I love the immersive feel, contrast, and clarity of this iconic Canon lens. Some people are into the 24-70mm f4 for a bit more reach, that's cool too.

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Canon 70-200mm 2.8L IS USM

The 70-200 is a classic mid-telephoto go-to that still gives you some packability but also a solid fixed f2.8 for lower light. I really don't use this lens enough because I'm usual in wide angle mode, however it's critical to change it up so you don't become stagnant. An alternative to this is the 100-400mm from Canon, or something similar from Sigma / Tamron.

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• Metabones Canon/Sony lens adaptor

Am I holding on to the past? I can't let my Canon glass go so I'm rocking this clean adapter from Metabones on my A7rii, haven't had any problems I can think of thus far (Since late 2016).

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Filters / Cards:

• Hoya 9-stop ND, 4-stop ND, various CPL

I absolutely love Circular Polarizer and ND filters, it absolutely has the potential to boost the appeal of your imagery. For me, Hoya has always been a great balance of price and quality with manageable color casts.

• SanDisk 64GB Extreme Plus Micro SD

A great middle ground for capacity and speed to use confidently when working with 4k data writing from your GoPro or DJI drone.

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• SanDisk 128GB Extreme PRO SDXC

128 gigs, ahhh! It took a lot for me to want to finally jump to a 128gb, considering I can remember buying Compact Flash (CF) cards for my Canon Rebel that were 1gig and cost $80. It's truly a sense of freedom though when you need to shoot a lot of video & time lapses.

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• Dynamic Perception's Stage Zero 6ft Time Lapse Dolly + MX2 Controller

This was the original beast I intro'd into dolly time lapses with. For years prior I had messed around with standard tripod mounted timelapses, and really enjoyed long exposure time lapses, however, I came across the Stage Zero online and saw how much more affordable it was than other alternatives. The only thing was it required some assembly, no big deal. I still remember setting it up in my college-friend's apartment back in maybe 2009.Today their units have become much more sleek, lightweight, packable, and pre-assembled of course!

• Glidetrack Shooter

I first picked up the Glidetrack Shooter in 2010 when I purchased my Canon 7D and dove deeper into video, it really is a wonderful product. I enjoyed the quiet smoothness of the slider, as well as being able to go from shoulder, to tripod, to ground level.

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Post Production:


A lot of folks are working in After Effects or Premiere, but I've been on Final Cut Pro since high school in 2004. I really do want to branch out to check the other programs but I haven't had the time and my trials expired, hah!

• Photoshop & Lightroom CC

Similar to Final Cut Pro, I've been working on Photoshop since mid-high school around 2002. I used to do the Bridge-Photoshop workflow but a few years back I switched to Lightroom and I really do enjoy the blend of features. Time management and efficiency!


• Goal Zero Nomad 13-watt Solar Panel x2

I have been using Goal Zero solar products for years to keep my gear powered on my adventures, or simply in my backyard. These panels pack a punch and can charge up various USB batteries which in turn can power your tech! If the Nomad 13 is too large or expensive, you can invest in the Nomad 7 Plus panel which is smaller, smarter, and less expensive.   

Purchase the Nomad 13  here:

Purchase the Nomad 7 Plus here:

• Goal Zero Sherpa 50 battery pack x3

These batteries are bomber! I literally use 1 of the 3 of these every day to charge my iPhone, and have been doing so since 2014. I have used the bolt-on inverter (gives you a wall outlet) to power my Celestron NexStar 6SE telescope in the backcountry for astrophotography! This particular series of Sherpa will be phased out in 2018 and replaced by a sleeker, more packable, larger capacity version that will no longer have the bolt-on inverter option listed below. Still an excellent option if you can find it online!

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• Goal Zero Sherpa AC Inverter x2

Awesome add-on to the Sherpa 50 or Sherpa 100 to give yourself a wall outlet when you need it! I've run my Celestron NexStar 6SE telescope for hours, powered up laptops, charged additional camera batteries / phones with their wall adapters

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Clothing & Camping Equipment

• Osprey Atmos 65 AG

For years backpacks have used various density foam and mesh to sit against your back and bends around your hips as you carry your load...the Osprey Atmos 65 AG (Anti-Gravity) shatters this mold by incorporating a masterfully tensioned high strength mesh that wraps contours around your bones and curves to eliminate pressure points, provide some air flow, and of course support your load!

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• Marmot Helium 15F Down Sleeping Bag

A 15 degree Fahrenheit sleeping bag weighing in at 2 pounds is impressive. Then add in the amazing nearly 100% snag-free zipper from 2017, the toasty draft tube that nuzzles up against the length of your zipper like a door guard to keep in all that heat you've worked to build up, and a spacious footbox...that's the Helium 15. Furthermore, when considering build quality, weight, warmth, price, long term support....I would say Marmot absolutely makes the best down products. All of Marmot's 850 fill power and higher goose down sleeping bags are hand filled in California, which is fantastic. Even better, if you need your sleeping repaired, if your bag is not warm enough, reach out to the good people at Marmot and they can help you!

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• Sawyer Mini Water Filter

The Sawyer Mini is a hollow-fiber water filter that can filter up to 100,000 gallons...yep you read that right. I like this little guy because it can be used with the Sawyer bags as a squeeze filter, can be spliced in to your hydration bladder system for in-line filtration, directly from the source with the included straw, OR screwed on to various store-bought water bottles! Tough to beat for a 2oz product!

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• Nalgene 32oz BPA Free Water bottle

Ok it seems a bit cheesy to list a Nalgene bottle, but hey, they're one of my favorites I use at work daily and on camping / hiking / backpacking trips! I love the wide mouth opening for easy cleaning,  drop ice cubes in, as well as attaching water filters (Like the MSR Mini Works) when you need a filtered drink from the lake or river! PRO-TIP: For those cold nights when you're tent camping, boil up some water on your stove and then pour it into your Nalgene after a minute or two of cooling, then you can place it in the footbox of your sleeping bag for a super toasty night's sleep! Nalgene water bottles also come in 16oz and 48oz sizes if you need some for your kids, or extended trips, along with narrow-mouth varieties that can be easier to drink out of.

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• Columbia Silver Ridge convertible pants

I have been wearing the Columbia Silver Ridge convertible pants for my hiking, camping, and travel adventures since around 2012. To me, they had a slightly more athletic fit than other brands I had tried. Their build quality is solid, and coming with a removable belt is nice too. They have sun protection in the way of Columbia's Omni-Shade technology, as well as Omni-Wick to wick moisture and dry quickly.

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