My name is Chris Giordano. I am a Multimedia Journalist currently based in Oregon. I graduated from Brooks Institute in Ventura, Calif., with a degree in visual journalism early into 2009. My journey into photography, however, began with my mother's digital camera during a family vacation to the beautiful Hawaiian islands in August of 2004. Since then I have been back to the Islands twice and done a fair bit of traveling throughout California and Oregon, though I admit much remains unseen. I spent 2 weeks on an enriching cultural trip in the Navajo Nation in 2009, a week on the island of Cozumel, Mexico where I was SCUBA certified, and another in the small fishing village of Sayulita documenting a wedding. More intense  adventures include a challenging  2 week endeavor through the jungles, rivers, beaches, and small cities of magnificently biodiverse Costa Rica in 2015. September of 2017 brought about a very fast paced 10-day self drive journey around the fjords, waterfalls, craters, lakes, pasture, glaciers, and volcanoes on the spectacular island of Iceland.     

I enjoy playing many roles: photographer, videographer, editor, student, traveler, outdoor adventurer, teacher, volunteer, etc. - but no matter what I'm doing, my pursuit of unique sights, sounds, and adventures has me visiting places I never imagined and dropping into situations I never pictured myself in. I enjoy sharing live photos on my Instagram / Facebook from when I'm out capturing images, and have good fun conversing with curious viewers and friends by sharing stories from the field or chatting about my work and how it was created. I'm always excited about new gear and technologies that allow us all  to create more compelling media of land, sea, sky, and people.

Hope you enjoy the experience here, thanks for stopping by!

-Chris Giordano


Selfie Cahuita river canoe